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CEO, Keynote Speaker, Lawyer HDC CONSULTANCY(Areas of specialism) Mediation & Dispute Resolution, Commercial Litigation, Civil Litigation including … Care Home fees Appeals, Landlord & Tenant, Debts, Caribbean Citizenship by Descent, Will & Probate Contacts
Mobile Phone: 07837 329 302 Website: https://hdc.one/


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Areas of specialism:

  • Mediation & Dispute Resolution
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Civil Litigation including …
    • Care Home fees Appeals
    • Landlord & Tenant
    • Debts
    • Caribbean Citizenship by Descent
    • Will & Probate
    • Contacts

HDC Consultancy – we are at your service.

HDC provides a range of support and resolution skills including on demand secretariat provision, program management leadership, alternative dispute resolution formats and design bespoke training.

Some main areas of service appear at the Services tab. However, the list is not exhaustive so if you don’t see the help you need give us a call.  HDC Consultancy can work with you to plan, structure and undertake projects and commercial arrangements or resolve disputes along the way.  The firm is led by an experienced team with legal training background.  The ethos is to bring practical effect in a commercial world where virtual offices are the new reality. HDC Consultancy is about your ability to engage professional personnel resources as and when needed rather than incurring ongoing cost and overheads to maintain an adequate professional team.

Flexibility is a key feature in today’s business, what do you need, when and how much?  Problems need to be managed quickly without feeling helpless to disputes spiralling into lengthy and expensive litigation.  Managing conflicts is therefore an important part of HDC Consultancy’s operation, since disputes which are badly managed can cause unnecessary distraction, blight progress and end up absorbing finances which could be better applied in developing a project or business effort.





Business Tips

Module 1In The Beginning+
Unit 1I Will Try
Unit 2Act Like Your Dream
Unit 4Goals and Values
Unit 5The Why of Leadership
Unit 6Pursuing Excellence 352 Pages
Module 2Strategies For Success+
Unit 1Think And Grow Rich
Unit 237 Secrets Only Successful People Know
Unit 39 Essential Strategies For Effective Advertising
Unit 4Financial Freedom
Unit 5Personal Development TIPS
Unit 6Mastering Leadership With John Maxwell
Unit 7The Richest Man in Babylon
Unit 8The Secret - The Law of Attraction
Module 3Relationships+
Unit 1Relationship TIPS
Unit 2How to win friends and influence people
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