MRS Jenny Barclay

Bookkeeping & Accountancy
Mobile Phone: +447792725016


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I am hardworking and versatile Certified Accountant with 25+ years’ experience in Accounting Environment in various sectors, Private, Public and Charity sectors.
I am versatile, reliable, and proactive. I have worked as an acting FD for the Gloucestershire Ambulance NHS Trust which exposed me to working at a high level which helped me take a more strategic approach to all my work going forward.

I have experience not only working within a team but also as a Corporate leader for multi- discipline teams. I am highly organised with an analytical mind and a penchant for problem solving. Other roles i.e. Interacting with overseers Managers & Accountants for group reporting supporting their training and consolidating the management accounts.

Having worked in a variety of sectors this has enabled me to develop high level networks, thus building strong relationships across a diverse range of stakeholders including work colleagues.

Business Tips

Module 1In The Beginning+
Unit 1I Will Try
Unit 2Act Like Your Dream
Unit 4Goals and Values
Unit 5The Why of Leadership
Unit 6Pursuing Excellence 352 Pages
Module 2Strategies For Success+
Unit 1Think And Grow Rich
Unit 237 Secrets Only Successful People Know
Unit 39 Essential Strategies For Effective Advertising
Unit 4Financial Freedom
Unit 5Personal Development TIPS
Unit 6Mastering Leadership With John Maxwell
Unit 7The Richest Man in Babylon
Unit 8The Secret - The Law of Attraction
Module 3Relationships+
Unit 1Relationship TIPS
Unit 2How to win friends and influence people
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