Lies, Deception & Wickedness

Hundreds of people standing in support of the struggle for Bridge Park. Once again they refuse to take their knee off our neck.

Harlesden People's Community Council

The dream that will never die

We will never stop fighting until justice is served.

HRH Prince of Wales opening Bridge Park in 1988

From left to right: HRH Prince Charles, Michael A Wilson, Leonard Johnson, Delaney Brown and Paul Boatang far right.

Mission Impossible

Thanks to Leonard Johnson and his team for achieving the mission impossible in 1981.

A project like this is needed because the people of this community are deprived.  A large majority are jobless and have nothing to do, no hope and no future. This project will build new hope for the people. They have to believe in something instead of giving up.

Leonard Johnson, Chairman of HPCC, 1981 - 2021


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